Journal Papers

[1]陈敏*,朱庆,何海清,严少华,赵怡涛. 面向城区宽基线立体像对视角变化的结构自适应特征点匹配. 测绘学报, 48(9): 1129-1140, 2019.

[2]Rongjun Qin, Min Chen*, Xu Huang, Kun Hu. Disparity Refinement in Depth Discontinuity Using Robustly Matched Straight Lines for Digital Surface Model Generation, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 12(1): 174-185, 2019.

[3]何海清,陈敏,陈婷,李大军,陈晓勇. 耦合单-多旋转平均迭代优化的低空影像SfM三维重建,测绘学报, 2019.

[4]Min Chen*, Rongjun Qin, Haiqing He, Qing Zhu, Xing Wang. A Local Distinctive Features Matching Method for Remote Sensing Images with Repetitive Patterns, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 84(8): 513-524, 2018.

[5]Haiqing He, Min Chen, Ting Chen, Dajun Li. Matching of Remote Sensing Images with Complex Background Variations via Siamese Convolutional Neural Network, Remote Sensing, 10: 355, 2018.

[6]Min Chen*, Ayman Habib, Haiqing He, Qing Zhu, Wei Zhang. Robust Feature Matching Method for SAR and Optical Images by Using Gaussian-Gamma-Shaped Bi-Windows-Based Descriptor and Geometric Constraint, Remote Sensing, 9(9): 882. 2017.

[7]陈敏*,朱庆,朱军,徐柱,黄澜心. SAR影像与光学影像的高斯伽玛型边缘强度特征匹配法. 测绘学报, 45(3): 318-325, 2016.

[8]陈敏*,朱庆,朱军,徐柱,黄澜心. 多光谱遥感影像亮度空间相位一致性特征点检测. 测绘学报, 45(2): 178-185, 2016.

[9]Meizhang He, Qing Zhu, Zhiqiang Du, Han Hu, Yulin Ding, Min Chen. A 3D Shape Descriptor Based on Contour Clusters for Damaged Roof Detection Using Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, Remote Sensing, 8, 189, doi: 10.3390/rs8030189, 2016.

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[17]Chong Liu, Zhenfeng Shao*, Min Chen, Hui Luo. MNDISI: a multi-source composition index for impervious surface area estimation at the individual city scale. Remote Sensing Letters, 4(8): 803-812, 2013.

[18]陈敏*, 邵振峰. 一种稳健的高效角点特征检测方法. 武汉大学学报(信息科学版), 38(10): 1142-1147, 2013.

[19]邵振峰, 陈敏*. 尺度、旋转以及亮度稳健的高分辨率影像直线特征匹配. 光学精密工程, 21(3): 790-798, 2013.

[20]陈敏*, 邵振峰, 慎于蓝. 基于基准点和基准方向的SIFT误匹配校正方法. 测绘通报, 3: 16-18, 2012.

[21]陈敏*, 邵振峰. 参数自适应的亮度稳健特征提取变换. 光学精密工程, 19(8): 1921-1930, 2011.

Conference Papers

[1]Min Chen*, Rongjun Qin, Haiqing He, Qing Zhu. A Local Distinctive Feature Detector for Image Matching, ASPRS Annual Conference, Denver, CO, USA, 5-7, February, 2018(Oral Presentation).

[2]Min Chen*, Shaohua Yan, Shengzhi Huang, Qing Zhu. Accurate and Reliable Line Segment Matching Improvements in Oblique Image Processing, ASPRS Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD, USA, 12-16, March, 2017(Oral Presentation).

[3]Min Chen*, Qing Zhu, Shengzhi Huang, Han Hu, Jingxue Wang. ROBUST LOW-ALTITUDE IMAGE MATCHING BASED ON LOCAL REGION CONSTRAINT AND FEATURE SIMILARITY CONFIDENCE, ISPRS Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, 12-19, July, 2016(Oral Presentation).

[4]Shengjun Tang, Qing Zhu, Wu Chen, Walid Darwish, Bo Wu, Han Hu, Min Chen. Enhanced RGB-D mapping method for detailed 3D modeling of large indoor environment, ISPRS Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, 12-19, July, 2016.

[5]Min Chen*, Qing Zhu, Jun Zhu. GGSOR: A GAUSSIAN-GAMMA-SHAPED BI-WINDOWS BASED DESCRIPTOR FOR OPTICAL AND SAR IMAGES MATCHING, IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Milan, Italy, 26-31, July, 2015 (Oral Presentation).

[6]Min Chen*, Qing Zhu, Jun Zhu, Zhu Xu. Improved Phase Congruency Based Interest Point Detection for Multispectral Remote Sensing Images, IEEE/ISPRS International Conference on Computer Vision in Remote Sensing (CVRS), Xiamen, China, 26-31, April, 2015 (Oral Presentation).

[7]Min Chen*, Zhenfeng Shao. Robust Affine-Invariant Lines Matching for High Resolution Remote Sensing Image, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) 2013 Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, March 24-28, 2013 (Oral Presentation).

[8]陈敏*,邵振峰. 一种亮度和仿射稳健的特征匹配方法. 第一届全国高分辨率遥感数据处理与应用研讨会,西安, 41-45,2011 (Oral Presentation).

[9]沈小乐*,邵振峰,陈敏. 基于凸面模型的高分辨率遥感影像阴影检测. 第一届全国高分辨率遥感数据处理与应用研讨会,西安,16-20,2011.


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[5]一种基于线特征的低空遥感影像稳健匹配方法, ZL 2013102726969, 2016, 4 (授权)

[6]一种基于分级策略的影像直线特征匹配方法, ZL 201110416164.9, 2013, 4.(授权).

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