Dr. J Ma received his PhD degree from the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China, and jointly from the Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, in 2010; B.E. degree in Safety Engineering and B.S. degree in Computer Science from University of Science and Technology of China, in 2005.

From 2011 to 2012, he further performed studies on pedestrian traffic and evacuation dynamics as a Postdoctoral Fellow with City University of Hong Kong. He is currently an Associate Professor with the National United Engineering Laboratory of Integrated and Intelligent Transportation, School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China. His research interests include pedestrian traffic, crowd dynamics, emergency evacuation, and intelligent traffic simulation. In this research direction, he has been continuously supported by Natural Science Foundation of China in the past few years.

Dr. Ma is a member of the editorial board of open access journals including “Collective Dynamics” (formerly “Dynamics of Pedestrians and Other Self-Driven Particles”) and “Modern Transportation.” He is also a peer reviewer for Natural Science Foundation of China, National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and international journals including IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Physica A, Simulation, International Journal of Modern Physics C, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, etc.

Please feel free to contact me for any consulting request, scientific question, or simply to send a friendly message!

马剑,男,博士,副教授,博士生导师,西南交通大学交通运输与物流学院教师。2005年毕业于中国科学技术大学获工学学士、理学双学士学位,2010年获中国科学技术大学火灾科学国家重点实验室安全技术及工程专业博士学位、香港城市大学建筑系博士学位。之后先后于香港城市大学从事研究助理、博士后研究工作。曾获2010年住房和城乡建设部华夏建设科学技术奖一等奖(本人排名:10/11)、2012年9th AOSFST(第9届亚澳火灾学会)最佳论文奖、2013年第四届安徽省优秀博士学位论文奖,2014年入选西南交通大学“竢实之星”高层次教师队伍建设计划, 长期担任IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems、Physica A、Simulation、International Journal of Modern Physics C、Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology等国际期刊以及Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting等国际会议审稿人、国家自然科学基金通讯评议人、教育部学位中心抽检学位论文通讯评议专家、National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation of the Republic of Kazakhstan基金通讯评议人, 是第一及第二届International Conference on Mass Transit Rail Facilities Design and Management、2012 Fire Science and Engineering Conference、2013 Fire Science and Engineering Conference、2014年中国消防协会科学技术年会青年学者论坛、2014 International Conference on Rail Development and Management for Sustainable Urbanism、2015 7th International Conference on Performance-based Fire and Fire Protection Engineering等国际会议程序委员会委员, 受邀担任“Collective Dynamics”、“Modern Transportation”等国际期刊编委,目前主持国家自然科学基金面上项目1项,完成国家自然科学基金青年基金项目1项,作为研究骨干参加国家自然科学基金2项。另,曾参与并完成的科研项目包括:“十五”科技攻关项目、国家自然科学基金面上项目1项、“十一五”科技支撑计划项目等。目前从事的主要研究方向为:行人交通组织与管理、紧急条件下的人员疏散。

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