Basic information

Prof. Xiaozhen Li

Doctoral Superviser


Designation: Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China


Office Address: 3208, Juancheng Building, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China, 610031
Tel: 86-28-87603323


Xiaozhen Li is a professor, Doctoral supervisor and the director in bridge structural dynamics research group in Bridge Engineering at School of Civil Engineering of Southwest Jiaotong University in China. He received his B.S degree in Civil Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University, PRC, in 1992, and M.S. degree in Bridge Engineering from Xi'an highway traffic university, PRC, in 1995, and then Ph.D. degree in Bridge Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University, PRC, in 2000.

He is serving not only as the key reviewer/editor for several major national Journals such as Journals of Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, and Journal of Railway Engineering, but also as session chairman in many national and international conferences including national structural engineering conference, national random vibration conference, ISSEYE-10 international conference during past over 10 years. Up to now, his 8 Ph.D students and 61 Master students have graduated, and presently 7 Ph.D. candidates and 14 Master candidates are studying in his research group.

He has published more than 50 journal or technical papers during the past 3 years (2011~2013). In which, 4 papers could be found within Science Citation Index (SCI) and over 60 papers within Engineering Index (EI). One of his books has been chosen to be used in the civil engineering major.


  • Train-Track-Bridge Coupling Vibration, Wind-Train-Track-Bridge Coupling Vibration

  • Vehicle-Bridge Random Vibration, Seism-Train-Track-Bridge Coupling Vibration

  • The Environment Vibration due to Rail Transit , Reduction of Vibration and Noise Induced by High Speed Railway

  • The Behaviors of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures


2005       Third Prize of China railway society's Science and Technology Progress

2009       Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress

2010        New Century Excellent Talents by Ministry of Education,

2010       Outstanding Young Academic and Technology Leaders in Sichuan Province       

2010       Young winner of Railway Science and Technology Award 

2013      Academic and Technology reserve Leaders in Sichuan Province 



    Funded Major Research Grants

[1] The Natural Science Foundation of ChinaStudy on mechanics of aerodynamic coupling and safety control methods for high-speed railway train-bridge system subjected to  cross wind loads (Grant No.U1434205)

[2] The Natural Science Foundation of ChinaStudy on prediction, evaluation criteria and control of structure-borne noise of rail transit bridges in whole frequency band (Grant No.51378429)

[3] The Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on structure-borne noise radiation mechanism of rail transit concrete bridges based on wave finite element and mode theory (Grant No.51308469)

[4] The Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on combined random vibration of train-bridge time varing system based on expanded order system- pseudo excitation method (Grant No.51308470)

[5] The Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on stiffness degradation mechanism of steel-concrete composite beam bridge caused by shear connectors’ fatigue damage (Grant No.51308467)

[6] The Natural Science Foundation of ChinaStudy on Random Vibration and Dynamic Reliability of Vehicle-bridge Coupling System (Grant No.50678150)

[7] The Natural Science Foundation of ChinaStudy on Spatial Random Vibration of Vehicle-bridge Coupling System with Rail-wheel Nonlinear character (Grant No.51008250

[8] Seed Program of The National Basic Research Program of China(973): Mechanism and control of bridges’ wind-induced damage based on structure robustness(Grant No.2013CB036301)

[9] Seed Program of The State Plan for High-Tech Research and Development (863):The Key Technology in Vibration Damping and Noise Reduction of High-speed Railway Lines--High-speed Railway Bridges(Grant No.2011AA11A103)

[10] National Key Technology R&D Program: Research on construction key technology and high-tech equipments of long span sea-crossing bridge(Grant No. 2012BAG05B02)

[11] Program for New Century Excellent Talents in UniversityRandom Vibration of Vehicle-bridge Coupling System and Relevant Engineering Application (Grant No.NCET-10-0701

[12] The Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Sichuan ProvinceThe Safe Operation of High-speed Trains Running on Bridge under Seismic Ground Motion (Grant No.2010JQ0018)

[13] Applicable Basic Research Program of Sichuan ProvinceEnvironmental Vibration and Vibration Reduction Research of Elevated Bridge in Rail Transit (Grant No.2010JY0026

[14] The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities: Structural Noise Prediction Methods of Elevated Bridge in Rail Transit Grant (Grant No. SWJTU11CX148)

[15] Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education: Study on the prediction method of structure-borne noise of rail transit bridges(Grant No. 20110184110020)

  Software Copyright

 [1]  Train-Bridge Dynamic Analysis Software  BDAP2.0 (NO  2009R11S009559)

 [2]  Wind-Train-Track-Bridge Couping Vibration Analysis Software WTTBDAS V1.0  (NO  2010R11L027254)

 [3]  Train-Bridge System Random Vibration Analysis Software  TBSDAP V1.0(NO  20111SR077492)


PUBLICATION  (in 2013)   

[1] Xiao-Zhen LI(李小珍), Xiao-Han LIU, De-Jun LIU and Xun ZHANG. Influences of Soil-Structure Interaction on Coupled Vibration of Railway Bridge and Vehicles: Theoretical and Experimental Study [J]. Advances in Structure Engineering,An International Journal , 2013, Vol.16, No.8: 1355-1364 (SCI, EI)

[2] Li Xiaozhen(李小珍), Zhang Xun, Zhang Zhijun et al. Experimental research on concrete bridge-borne noise induced by intercity express train, Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 2014, (to be press) (SCI, EI)

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[4] Zhang Xun, Li Xiaozhen(李小珍), Zhang Zhijun et al. 'Train-induced vibration and noise radiation of a prestressed concrete box-girder, Noise Control Engineering Journal, 2013, Vol.61(4): 425-435(SCI, EI)

[5] Wanming Zhai, He Xia, Chengbiao Cai, Mangmang Gao, Xiaozhen Li(李小珍), et al. High-speed train–track–bridge dynamic interactions – Part I: theoretical model and numerical simulation[J], International Journal of Rail Transportation, 2013, Vol. 1, Nos. 1–2, 3–24(EI)

[6] 李小珍, 张迅, 刘全民, 张志俊, 李亚东. 高速铁路桥梁结构噪声的全频段预测研究(Ⅰ):理论模型[J]. 铁道学报, 2013, Vol.35(1): 101-107 (EI)

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